Media collection v2.9.0.1 for M2.9/3.0/3.1

This past weekend I updated the media collection plugins on

For the filter, atto and assignsubmission plugins, after testing it was determined no changes were actually needed except to flag that they support the newer versions.

The main module itself however has had some necessary changes.

Change log:

  • Updated activity icon
  • Fix carousel spin in RTL mode
  • Added “Single” collection type – you can have a single gallery and going into the collection takes you straight to it.
  • Fix ordering of require_login and cm/url setup
  • 3.1 compat: Rename search class
  • 3.1 compat: Make mc tags work alongside M3.1 tags api
  • php7 compat: Add __construct methods to some classes with php4 constructors

If you run into any issues running the plugins on 2.9+, make sure to leave a bug report on the issues page of the relevant github project.

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