Media collection v3.3.0.2 for M3.3

With the looming release of Moodle 3.3, I’ve recently updated the Media collection activity to be compatible with the new version.

The related plugins (atto, filter and such) haven’t been tested, so they haven’t been flagged as ready for 3.3 just yet.

The main module itself however has had some necessary changes.


  • Fixed the action menu alignment and long filename display issue (thanks tatikamsetti).
  • Remove padding around action icons on the gallery/item cards
  • Allowing super users to access the gallery edit menu option. (thanks tatikamsetti)
  • Added default captions for accessibility. (thanks tatikamsetti)
  • Update caption help text to mention the default shown to users
  • mediabox: Center the currently selected item in the navbar

Bug fixes:

  • mediabox: Handle users browsing too quickly
  • mediabox: Handle the mediabox being brought up before core_comment is available


  • A bunch of code style cleanup

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