Poll block v3.1.0.2 for M3.3

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Poll block on course view page

Poll block v3.1.0.2 for M3.3

The poll block has gotten the Moodle 3.3 upgrade treatment. The latest version is available for download on moodle.org and supports Moodle 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.

The poll block allows you to create custom polls for use in a Moodle course. A course can have many polls created within it; you can then choose which one to display through the block configuration tabs.

Release notes

New feature

  • Ability to “lock” anonymous polls, making them semi-anonymous. Once a configurable threshold of responses have been received, the response list will show who responded, but not what their individual responses were (thanks @rrusso).


  • Performance: Load all users in one query when displaying response list.
  • Performance: Load count of responses for each option in one query, instead of a query per option.
  • Coding style violations cleaned up.
  • Refactor code layout to be more maintainable.
Poll responses

Poll responses

Poll block on course view page

Poll block


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