Assorted ramblings

AV-98 Ingram

AV-98 Ingram (1/48 scale)

Welcome! I’ve never been one for the whole blogging thing,¬†I certainly rarely ever posted the last time I had one; but here goes anyway.

I work as a software engineer for Blackboard, the majority of my work involves development for the learning management system Moodle.

I occasionally post about plugins I develop, maintain or otherwise work on – and anything else that catches my fancy.

One such thing will probably be model kits. I’m an avid builder of Gunpla and other models – so I’ll probably end up showing off any builds I do on here as well. I’m definitely still learning all the ins and outs of getting a nice finish out of a model kit, so you’ll have to excuse the less than ideal build quality. I don’t get a chance to build as many as I’d like to (where would I put them all?) so they won’t be too regular an appearance.